Filling Applications

Filling applications are one of the most preferred applications as they give immediate results and allow the person to make the desired changes in the face in a short time without pain and pain. The choice of the substance to be applied is decided by considering the region to be used, the situation of the person and expectations. The most commonly used substance is hyaluronic acid, which is normally one of the building blocks of our skin. The permanence of the applied substance varies from 9-12 months to 3, 4 or even 5 years, depending on the area applied, the substance and the metabolism of the person.

Lip filler

Lips may be thin in structure and may lose volume over time due to aging. In fact, almost all women want their lips to be a little thicker. Lip augmentation, especially in advancing ages, is also effective in the disappearance of fine lines on the lip edge.

One of the most important points to be considered when performing lip filling is that the filling material to be used in a moving and flexible area such as the lip is suitable for this flexibility, but at the same time it is resistant to the destructive effect of the movement. The technique to be used while making the filling may vary according to the desired lip shape as a result of the joint decision of the doctor and the patient. It is usually a one-session procedure, but sometimes repeated sessions may be required, especially on very thin lips.

Mid-Face Filling

Especially with advancing age, our skin begins to sag like an emptied balloon due to the decrease in both bone structure and facial fat tissue. This can become more striking, especially in the middle part of the face. In such cases, the tired and aged expression on the face can be eliminated by supporting the layers with volume reduction with a suitable filler. It is an application that results in a very natural look. It also corrects the appearance of the lower parts of the face, as it will eliminate not only the filled area but also the sagging.

Detention Filling

Structural collapses may occur in the under-eye area due to sagging of the face or structurally over time. In fact, sometimes the fat layer surrounding the eye can sag due to the loss of the lower layer, creating a false bagging image. In these cases, it is possible to get rid of both the depressions and the bagged appearance with an immediate effect with the application called under-eye light filling. The removal of the pitted appearance will lead to an immediate enlightenment, and in the course of time, with the help of the substances in the filling, the color of the detention skin will also lighten. For this process, it is very important that a filling material suitable for this region is used. It has an effect that lasts for an average of one and a half years.

Chin Filling

The chin is one of the areas whose aesthetic importance is not generally realized, but which affects the profile image the most. Normally, when viewed from the side, the most forward part of the chin is expected to be 1-2 mm behind the most forward part of the upper lip. In cases where it is further back than this, an imbalance occurs in the profile image, as well as the result that the person’s nose appears larger and more “jockish”. This situation, which can be easily corrected with the filling application, gives the person a more balanced and beautiful appearance, as well as a younger appearance as a result of the correction of the jaw line.

Nose Filling

As an alternative to aesthetic operations in aesthetic disorders in the nose, correction can be made with filling in appropriate cases. Before this procedure, the nose should be examined properly, the patient should be discussed in detail, and what can and cannot be done should be explained. With this method, the tip of the nose can be lifted, the hump on the back of the nose can be hidden, the angle of the nose can be changed, the collapse and curvature due to cartilage disorders can be corrected. Depending on the situation, single or repeated sessions may be required. It is a procedure with an average duration of 1-1.5 years.

Cheek and Cheekbone Filling

High cheekbones give the face a more youthful and lively appearance. In addition, the fillings made to the cheekbone and cheek area remove the sagging of the face and create a kind of non-surgical face lift effect. The point to be careful here is to consider the proportions with other parts of the face while filling these areas and not to make the patient look artificial.

Eyebrow Filling

Over time, sagging eyebrows and eyelids can be lifted with filler application, apart from many different methods. Especially in the droopy eyebrows caused by the melting of the fat pads in the tip of the eyebrow and the temple area, the application of filling gives instant and pleasing results. In some cases, its application in combination with other treatment methods increases the resulting effects.

Mimic Lines Fill

Superficial or deep fillings can be used as a part of combination treatments in lines that are defined by facial expressions such as deep lines called nasolabial descending from the edge of the nose or marionette descending from the edge of the lip and thin and superficial lines around the lips and eyes. Permanence can vary between 9 months and 1.5 years, depending on the material used and the region.