Tattoo removal

You may want to have your tattoo removed voluntarily, because you had to, because it was not what you wanted, or because it reminds you of unpleasant memories. Lasers are the safest and best method to use for this procedure. There are many factors that affect the number of sessions and the success rate. The location of the tattoo is one of them, tattoos close to the body are usually more easily erased. It is important how many sessions the tattoo is done and whether it is a professional or an amateur. Professional tattoos usually respond better because they are of equal depth and regular structure. Tattoo color, whether it is dark or light in color, and the patient’s own skin color are also important factors. ,

The main thing is not only to remove the tattoo, but also to be able to be erased without leaving any traces and stains. It should be taken into account that it requires a long process. It is not right to wait until the last time for any exam or audition and try to get rid of the tattoo quickly. Session intervals should be at least 4-6 weeks. Forcing more may cause staining. It is impossible to say with certainty the number of sessions required from the start. An average tattoo requires 4-6 sessions of treatment.