Hair Treatments

Hair loss is a problem that almost everyone can experience in their life. When faced with such a situation, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor rather than trying to find a solution on your own with the information heard from right and left. Although there is confusion in the society on this subject, the branch that deals with hair in medicine is Dermatology. The causes of hair loss can be very diverse. It can be hormonal and genetic, as well as various diseases, vitamin deficiencies, unconscious diets and nutritional spills can be seen. For this reason, a specialist should be consulted, the causes should be determined and treatment should be started after that.


PRP is a method that can be used in many different ailments in various parts of the body by using the wound healing cells obtained from the person’s own blood and the growth factors they secrete. It provides tissue regeneration by stimulating the stem cells in the injected areas and enabling them to become active. Stem cells, also called ‘sleeper cells’, are cells that can potentially transform into any cell. Hair follicles are the richest tissue in the body in terms of stem cells. Therefore, considering the medical studies on PRP, it can be said that the most effective treatment is hair treatment.


Mesotherapy method is the introduction of necessary substances into the skin with very thin and small needles. It has been used in medicine for both health problems and aesthetic purposes for many years.

A-cell (Hair Vaccine)

A-Cell is a substance containing special proteins obtained from the extracellular matrix. Extracellular matrix is ​​a special structure that provides intercellular connection and triggers tissue regeneration. It is applied in combination with PRP and vitamins. It enables the stem cells to be activated in the applied area. It also nourishes the existing hair follicles and supports the creation of healthier and stronger hair strands.

It is a method applied in a single session. Ring anesthesia is applied around the previously applied area. Afterwards, the patient is asked to use a hair band for two days.

Regenera Activa (Autologous Micrograft)

Hair follicles are the areas richest in stem cells in the body. Stem cells, also called ‘sleeper cells’, are cells that can potentially transform into any cell. It has been used in various treatments for many years by being taken from the body, reproduced in the laboratory environment and injected into the required area again. In the Regenera activa method, they are separated in clinical conditions with a special equipment without the need for a laboratory environment. It is called autologous due to the self-removal of the person, and micrograft due to the fact that tissue transfer is performed at a microscopic level.

After applying local anesthetic from the scalp in the back of the ear, 3 pieces of ballpoint pen tip are taken. These are made in a way that can be injected without losing their vitality in special equipment. It is injected into the necessary areas on the scalp with very fine-tipped needles. The procedure is a one-session application and takes an average of 30 minutes. Afterwards, the patient can return to his daily life.