Lifting Procedures

Lifting is an English word used to lift loose and sagging skin. Over time, with the incredible speed of the internet, it became one of the international words we use as a result of the globalization of the world. Since we translate the lifting operations into Turkish as face lift operations, we generally call the procedures that I will describe here as non-surgical face lift applications. Their common point is that they can be applied in clinical environments without an operating room and without the need for anesthesia.


Ultherapy is a treatment method that stimulates collagen production by sending focused ultrasound energy to the base layer of the skin, which is intervened in surgical facelift operations, without cutting the skin, using a needle and without damaging the surface of the skin. Ultrasound has been used safely in medicine for more than 50 years, and Ultherapy has proven its safety and effectiveness through clinical studies and more than one million treatment sessions performed worldwide. The original brand of this method, which is also called the focused ultrasound method, is Ulthera. It is especially suitable for the forehead, face, jowl, neck and décolleté areas that have lost their elasticity and sagged. A first effect is seen immediately after the treatment, but the main results appear after 2-3 months when the new collagen formed stretches and tightens the skin on the neck, chin and forehead. Although it cannot achieve the results of a surgical facelift, it is the application that gives the closest results to surgery. It is applied by applying local anesthetic cream in a single session. The application takes an average of 45-60 minutes. After the procedure, it is possible to return to daily life immediately, and it can be used comfortably in sunny seasons.

4D Laser

In this method, which is created by using two different laser wavelengths at different pulse times, both sagging and loosening of the skin, fine wrinkles, red and brown spots and even excess fat on the face and jowl area can be corrected with the same application. This system, which reaches both superficially and deeply from the outside to the skin and from the inside of the mouth to the deepest tissues, affects all layers of the face and provides a visible and significant rejuvenation. Although it varies according to the person, 3 or 4 sessions are usually applied with at least 1 month between sessions. It is a procedure that can be applied in all seasons, it is possible to continue daily life after the procedure.

Golden Needle

Micro Needle Radiofrequency is also called needle radiofrequency or Secret. It works with the principle of micro needles entering the skin at the desired depth and the radiofrequency energy passing between these needles. When the gold-needle head of the radio frequency device is contacted with the skin, the micro-needles automatically make a sudden entry into the skin at the adjusted depth. Depending on the type of cap used, 10, 25 or 64 gold-tipped micro-needles create fractional micro-holes on the skin, and then the production of collagen and elastin in the deep layers of the skin is triggered by the transfer of radiofrequency energy between the needles. Since the energy decreases as it comes towards the surface, thermal damage does not occur in the epidermis and superficial skin layers. The aim is to deliver the highest energies that can be given directly under the skin without damaging the skin. The result is a tighter, tighter pore-reduced skin. Since the holes opened by micro needles allow the passage of substances under the skin, they can be easily combined with methods such as mesotherapy or PRP. It is applied as 1-3 sessions in total once a month on average. Local anesthesia in the form of a cream is sufficient beforehand. There may be a slight redness afterward. It is not a method that affects daily life.

Thread Face Lift

The basis of this technique lies in the fact that the surgical scars in any part of the body are more taut and richer in terms of collagen compared to other regions. Without affecting the surface of the skin, surgical sutures placed under the skin are surrounded by fibroblasts and collagen fibers in the skin. As a result, although the threads melt over time, a connective tissue consisting of the person’s own collagen remains. Around the ropes, protrusions or cones that can serve as hangers are arranged in the form of fishbones. With special placement techniques, the threads are placed to hold the skin in the opposite direction of gravity. The duration of permanence and the number of threads to be used vary according to the condition of the person, the type of thread and the application area. It is used for facial oval recovery, neck recovery and eyebrow lifting. It is applied in a single session. It takes 30-45 minutes on average. Local anesthetic is sufficient beforehand. Mild swelling and bruising may occur after the procedure. For the first two weeks, it is recommended to avoid lying on the face and opening the mouth too much (for example, dental treatments).

Liquid Face Lift

It is also called as Liquid Face Lift. The main thing here is to fill the sagging skin like a fabric that has emptied due to the loss of volume over time and to make it look taut again by filling it at the right points. It is performed by the injection of fillers containing ‘hyaluronic acid’ and mineral-containing fillers, which are found in our skin and whose main task is to give moisture. According to the needs of the face, fillers are applied in small amounts to fill the middle face, under eye area, cheekbone, temple area, chin area and nasolabial lines extending from the nose to the lip edges and lines extending from the corners of the mouth to the chin. With this application, the areas that lost their normal volume over time are regained their old volume, the appearance of lines and wrinkles is reduced, in addition to these, the fillers placed on certain points on the face regain a youthful appearance and create a general ‘lifting’ effect on the face. The amount and types of substances to be used are determined according to the needs of the person. Local anesthetic is sufficient beforehand. After the procedure, daily life can be continued, and rarely mild swelling and bruising can be seen.


Mesotherapy method is the introduction of necessary substances into the skin with very thin and small needles. When used for the purpose of Mesolift on the face, substances that tighten the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin fibrils are used. It usually requires repetitive sessions at intervals of 2-4 weeks. One of the advantages of the procedure is that by adding different substances to the mesotherapy cocktail according to the needs of the skin, it also allows for the simultaneous intervention of different skin problems such as dehydratedness, stains and dull skin. It can be combined with applications such as Dermapen, dermaroller, golden needle and fractional laser.